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Confam Jara Rewards

Make transactions with your Sterling debit card, OneBank or USSD and unlock amazing rewards!

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How to Participate

Debit Card

– Open a Sterling account

– Get a card any of our branches or request a card via OneBank

– Make a minimum of 8 transactions weekly using your debit card (ATM withdrawals excluded) throughout the campaign to participate.


– Download OneBank

– Open a Sterling account

– Validate your NIN and BVN- Make a minimum of 8 transactions weekly (bill payments, airtime, transfers) throughout the campaign to participate.


Dial *822# and follow the prompt to get started!

You’re already on your way to start earning! Simply continue using OneBank, USSD or your Sterling debit card and make a minimum of 8 transactions weekly during the campaign to participate.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why Confam Jara Rewards?

Confam Jara Rewards is our way of giving back to you, our valued customer, for using our everyday banking services! Whether you use your Sterling debit card, OneBank or USSD, you can earn rewards for your transactions.

How can I participate in the campaign?

There are three avenues for participation in this campaign: through your Sterling debit card, OneBank or USSD.

Here are some things to keep in mind to participate in the campaign

  • You need to complete at least 8 transactions per week.• ATM withdrawals don’t count towards qualifying transactions.
  • For phone top-ups using OneBank or USSD, the minimum amount that qualifies as a transaction is N1,000.
  • Only interbank transfers done via OneBank or USSD qualify as transactions.
  • Any bill payments made through OneBank or USSD will count towards your transactions.
What happens if I do not make 8 transactions weekly?

Unfortunately, you won’t be eligible for that week’s reward if you don’t complete the minimum of 8 transactions. However, you can still use your Sterling debit card, OneBank or USSD throughout the campaign period to participate!

Can a corporate account or domiciliary account holder participate in this campaign?

No, the promo is open to only NTB and ETB individual savings and current account holders who transact in NGN.

How often will the rewards take place?

There will be weekly rewards throughout the 3-month campaign. Winners will be announced at the end of each week. A grand prize winner will be revealed at the end of the campaign

What rewards are available to customers that participate?

The Confam Jara Rewards offers exciting prizes!

  • Weekly Rewards: Each week, 5 winners will be rewarded with N10,000 cash. These winners will be customers who perform the highest transaction for the week either via OneBank, USSD or debit card.
  • Grand Prize: At the end of the 3-month campaign, the customer with the absolute highest number of transactions throughout the entire period will earn the grand prize – a brand new iPhone 15!
How many winners will be rewarded in total?

There will be a total of 61 winners:

  • 60 winners across the 3 months (20 per month) who will be rewarded with N10,000 cash.
  • 1 grand prize winner who will be rewarded with the iPhone 15.
How will the winners be selected?
  • Weekly Winners: Each week, we’ll look at the customers who completed the most transactions using your Sterling debit card, OneBank or USSD during that specific week. The 5 customers with the highest number of transactions will win N10,000 each.
  • Grand Prize Winner: The grand prize winner will be the customer with the HIGHEST overall number of transactions across the entire 3-month campaign period.
What is the duration of the campaign?

Confam Jara Rewards will run for 3 months starting in May and ending in July.

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