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The Passion Quest: Where Imagination Fuels Passion!

If you are determined to succeed, then step into a world where your imagination takes flight and your dreams become a reality.


About the Program

Sterling is a place that encourages and celebrates creativity and innovation. We are committed to fostering an enabling environment where dreams are turned into reality.

The Graduate Trainee Program is a gateway for an exciting career at Sterling. It is a unique opportunity for talents like yourself who are ready to live out their passion and demonstrate leadership potential. Here, you will explore a world of opportunities and see how the Program can enhance your career and position you for impact.

Eligibility Criteria

Are you ready to unlock a world of endless possibilities?

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As you prepare to embark on a thrilling adventure where you get to live your passion. This is what you need to expect from our Graduate Trainee Program: 

Embrace your Imagination, Live your Passion.

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See what other talents have to say about the program

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Sterling is an environment that enables me to learn, grow and thrive. My job feels like a passion project with a paycheck.

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I have always loved strategy, communication, and tech. The graduate trainee program provided me an opportunity to explore different aspects of my passion. Now I get live by best life and do my best work
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I not only discovered my passion for product management, but Sterling has provided an enabling environment for me to nurture my passion including access to mentorship and working on challenging and innovative projects. I have experienced personal and professional growth that has enriched my life

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