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Grow with Sterling

Driven by our purpose to enrich lives and promote the quality of education for the average Nigerian youth, Sterling Bank is introducing the “Grow with Sterling” initiative.  

Grow with Sterling is a social impact programme that will enable Nigerian Secondary School Leavers further their education under a special partnership arrangement between Sterling and Nexford University.

As a first of its kind, this set of Learners will also have the opportunity to be fully engaged by Sterling under a “Work-Study” arrangement for the duration of their programme with Nexford University. Watch Sterling Bank’s MD/CEO, speak to a Nexford University audience about online education and employer needs.

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As an employer, I would gladly hire anyone who is a graduate of Nexford. If I didn’t believe in it, I wouldn’t send my employees to undergo courses with the school.

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I applied for the program because of the bank’s core values which aligned with my values. It was a huge leap and one of the best decisions I made. I received a lot of support from my colleagues and supervisors which helped me to grow both personally and professionally.
My experience at Sterling will always hold a special place in my heart. The remarkable work culture, strong values, and ethical practices have shaped me in profound ways. I am deeply thankful for the academic and professional growth I attained during my program.

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This scholarship is exclusively for Nigerian Secondary School leavers like you. For the duration of your Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program you have the opportunity to join the Sterling team and apply what you are learning.

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