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Sterling, “Your one-customer bank”, is a full service national commercial bank in Nigeria.

Who we Are

At Sterling Bank, our customers are our number one priority and we value their feedback and ideas. We’ve made sure there are plenty of ways to stay in touch.

Sterling Bank Plc “Your one-customer bank” is a full service national commercial bank in Nigeria.

In over 60 years of operations, Sterling Bank (formerly NAL Bank) has evolved from the nation’s pre-eminent investment banking institution to a fully-fledged commercial bank; and completed a merger with 4 other banks – Indo-Nigeria Merchant Bank, Magnum Trust Bank, NBM Bank and Trust Bank of Africa – as part of the 2006 consolidation of the Nigerian banking industry.

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Our Vision

To be the financial institution of choice

Our Mission

To deliver solutions that enhance stakeholders’ value

Our Core Values

Customer Focus

  • "The Customer is king"
  • Holistic understanding of the customer's business
  • Creativity in meeting the customers' needs, both internal and external


  • Commitment, dependability, reliability and confidentiality geared toward winning the customer's implicit trust


  • "The success of one is the success of all"
  • Seamless interface of all parts of the business


  • Commitment to excellence in all our engagement

Our Journey

We commenced operations as NAL Bank, the nation’s pre-eminent investment banking institution.

Following the Indigenization Decree of 1972, we became a government owned institution.

In 1972 – 1992, Sterling Bank was managed in partnership with Grind lays Bank Limited, Continental International Finance Company Illinois and American Express Bank Limited

The Bank was partly privatized and listed as a public company on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE).

The government sold its residual interest in the bank effectively making it a fully privatized institution

In January 2006, NAL Bank completed a merger with four other Nigerian Banks namely; Magnum Trust Bank, NBM, Trust Bank of Africa and Indo-Nigeria Merchant Bank (INMB). The merged entities have successfully integrated and are operating as a consolidated group with the name Sterling Bank.

We assimilated the entire business interest of the defunct Equatorial Trust Bank (ETB). This effectively enhanced our position in the hierarchy of respectable players in the Nigerian banking industry on all key parameters.

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