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New Month; ‘March’ On!

Sterling Bank
Published: February 28, 2021

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It’s a new month; welcome!

Here are some of the things you may have missed from last month.

First, can we have a round of applause for February for being such a perfect month? 👏
If February were a person, they would be one of those people who are never caught unfresh; prime, proper and smell really nice.😅

Remember how January was the fastest one ever, some might say February almost took the baton, but we thank God.

We love love and we were so excited about Valentine’s; we gifted our One Customer a free dinner date with their partner at an exquisite restaurant and they loved it!

How was it for you? You can tell us all about it in the comment section.

For some of us, we spent the season staying safe, gift shopping on Altmall for ridiculously amazing prices, enjoying a nice evening of Netflix, and chilling with loved ones which was so convenient because all our bills were paid with ease with the almighty Onebank App😉

Personal - Sterling Bank

Just a day after Valentine’s day,  the global society had a moment of woman pride when our very own Ngozi Okonjo Iweala took up the mantel as the first female Director-General of the World Trade Organization (WTO), with her gele and head up high, we say congratulations, Queen!

This win was so significant because February is also #blackhistorymonth

And now to the generation wars😈

Do you know how during a dispute, there’s that non-aligned member?

Yes, the one that doesn’t join the fight but is willing to provide aid to parties involved…

That’s our position on this🤣

Baby Boomers

Because we respect our elders, we will start with the boomers on this one.
Our job is to make your life easier, especially your finances.

With Tremedoc, you can access a personal doctor for as low as N500 a month

Save, invest, borrow and transact with ease with the Onebank app

Buy equities, treasury bills, and Eurobond with ease using the I-invest App.


SterlingPro – manage all your business transactions with Sterling Pro without any hassles

Sterling wealth – manage your finances and achieve unlimited financial growth.

GEN Y or millennial (25 to 40)

Onebank – Save, invest, borrow. Enjoy financial freedom with the Onebank app. Download now to get started

*822# – No internet? No worries, dial *822# now to transact from your account with ease.


Credit card – spend now, pay later. You don’t need to wait till payday to be able to spend, request for a credit card now and watch your life unfold with financial ease.



Specta – Get up to 5 million in 5 minutes without any collateral!

Doubble – invest and grow your money over a period of time with Doubble.

GEN Z (under 25)

We all know where this fight started from, but you didn’t hear it from us.
For our personal favorite on this table, here are tools to help the leaders of tomorrow prepare for greatness.

Trybeone– enjoy unlimited financial freedom with the TrybeOne account.

Altmall – Shop at ease for all your electronics and gadgets and pay in instalments

AltMall | Home

Onebank refer and win – Get an express pass to make extra cash by referring friends and family on Onebank using your referral code

Doubble – explore flexible investment options with amazing interest rates using Doubble today.

GEN ALPHA (2010 and under)

The ones on this table are probably not reading this newsletter but their parents are.

If they do not yet have an account, it’s not too late to open one, with “I can save”, your children or ward are one step ahead and start their journey to financial freedom.


With Doubble, you can save towards a financial goal over a period of time and have all your future needs met.

It’s like gifting yourself in advance, explore this option with your children or ward in mind.

For inquiries, click here

To speak to a customer care representative, call 07008220000

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