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World Environment Day – Dele Faseemo

Mbuwume Joanglo
Published: July 6, 2023

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Reuse, Reduce, Recycle green image.
Dele Faseemo and World Environment Day logo
1. What are your personal beliefs and practices when it comes to managing plastic waste, and how do these beliefs influence your lifestyle and decision?


I try to see the “cradle-to-cradle” (instead of cradle-to-grave) opportunity in every piece of plastic used. It can always be recycled, re-processed, and reused. I think this is the first gospel to preach before ultimately preaching a reduction in plastic usage.


2. Could you share an example of how you stay environmentally conscious in your day-to-day life? How do you bring this mindset into your work?


As part of my personal exercise routine, I engage in daily long-distance walks and this brings me in contact with street sweepers/cleaners. I have had occasions to interact with and educate many cleaners on the long-term impact, meaning, and purpose of their job given that a good number of them only do it for the wages without connecting their job to any meaningful purpose. I have seen street sweepers practically push wastes (including plastics) into drainages instead of packing them for disposal and/or recycling.


3. How do you perceive the challenge of plastic pollution, and what role do you think Sterling can play in this global issue?


Much more than the challenges it poses to the environment, I see mostly the potential opportunity it holds for the creation & growth of the circular economy, for employment, and income generation.

Sterling is already at the forefront of the campaign, policy advocacy, and related social enterprise. We should simply stay on the journey and keep ‘winning more souls for the gospel’.




4. What do you think are some effective ways to instill a culture of environmental consciousness among Sterling’s employees, particularly regarding the reduction, reuse, and recycling of plastic materials?


Encourage active participation by more SterlingHumans at the periodic beach-cleaning exercise organized by Sterling One Foundation and its partners. This will not only create a practical experience and exposure to the menace of plastics in the environment, but it will also reinforce the consciousness of all participants.

We could periodically celebrate members of departments and occupants of floors with the least volume of plastic waste with the aim to achieve zero plastics per floor (starting with the Head Office).

We could also create informal competitions based on the creative use (reuse) of plastics/plastic wastes by individual employees.


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