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Wait For It!

Sterling Bank
Published: December 3, 2020

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The end is priceless!

Who remembers the PS5 trend on social?

I saw some really funny prank videos. Gosh! The things some guys would do to have it and how the girlfriends laughed so hard at the frustration of the expectant gamers.

It quickly reminded me about an incident that took place during the lockdown.

This was and is not still funny at all. Please don’t laugh, I beg you.

They said Ibelema had won.

She received an email that got her jumping. We did not hear word because of this ‘miracle’. Her phone screen had seen better days and just when she had started to save up to get a new device, the good news came.

All she needed to do was click the link sent to her and the iPhone 11 pro max would be delivered to her within within 8-15 working days.

‘What is a 20-dollar delivery fee compared to nearly a half a million Naira gadget? Abeg; spare me the gist’, she said as she proceeded to make payment.

As we speak, Ibelema has seen neither phone nor a refund and she is not the only one on this boat.



Some of us will be forming sharp guy; ‘scammers dey fear us’. OK but please, let us be ‘calming down and hearing word’. It’s the festive season and these guys understand that the language now is luxury. For them, this is the best time to unleash their skills and cash out.


So unless you went to the BBN House, abeg, you did not win a trip to the Bahamas or Seychelles or anywhere for that matter. You did not also qualify for a lottery ticket to ‘japa’; Nigeria was actually excluded from the US lottery so it means that message you received is as fake as fake gets. The Canadian government did not send you an email requesting that you come over; that’s not how relocation works, please.

16 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in the Seychelles ...

Save that your shipping money here or invest it over here . When the money ‘reach’ to buy phone or PS5, visit this store to enjoy the best deals available or even pay small if you so desire.

Just in case you’re trying to figure out if that sms or email is real, head over here to cross-check it with some of the ones we’ve received from our fellow fraud ‘activists’. For additional tips on how to tell ‘truth from tale’, kindly click here

Now I’ve shared my story. Feel free to drop any fraud-related cases you might have experienced or heard about. Let’s all learn together.

Please don’t forget check out this page for a compilation of the emails and texts I promised earlier.

We don’t mind this post going viral, so please share away!

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