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The Gist of It – I was served breakfast for dinner.

Mbuwume Joanglo
Published: June 15, 2023

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We got on well via chat.  

I met Ayo on a Dating App and I was so sure I had met the one. How is he still single? I was super excited when he requested that we meet at a popular restaurant. We agreed to meet on a Sunday because I wanted to avoid the weekday traffic.  


He was very late for the date.  

Possible future hubby was late o, by two whole hours! But I waited, shebi na me dey find husband. When he arrived, he complained about parking. Fortunately, I didn’t have that problem because I usually use my cab-hailing apps. To alight like a real car owner, I connected my Onebank debit card way ahead so that looking for change or transfer issues will not fall my hand. 


He ordered the large steak.  

I ordered the crab salad because I did not want to be the kind of person that orders an expensive meal just because someone else is paying. The large steak was really expensive and huge, he offered me some to taste. You have to love a guy that is willing to share food.  


He had to take a business call. 

Someone was calling him persistently when I was telling him how easy it was to own a home with OneHome by Sterling. My investment has given me the opportunity to own two houses and the rent from both helps me supplement the interest and loan I am paying and I’ll be done in a few years. How awesome is that?!?!?!  




I was served breakfast for dinner.  

This bros stood up and left me to take the call just before the bill came. I kept calling him and he kept cutting the call. Then he sent me a text saying ‘You’ve got this babe!’ with hearts and kisses. I had to pay for both his large stake and my crab salad! I was sooo miffed. Thankfully I had brought my ULTRA card and it didn’t disappoint. It’s my zero interest Credit Card Lifesaver from Sterling Bank.  


In all things, give thanks. 

I got home and told my bestie everything. What kind of best friend laughs at her bestie’s dating mishap ehn? Unfortunately for her, the units on our prepaid meter had finished, and her banking app wasn’t working (please tell her to move to Sterling Bank) so she had to wait for me to get home. I used my ONEBANK app to pay but didn’t give her the code till she stopped laughing at me which took about an hour. Anyways Ayo called the next day to apologize. He asked for my account details to pay me back and he did! Maybe we should go on another date. Hehehe!
In all things, give thanks.  


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