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The Day The Clouds Fell!

Maurice Igugu
Published: July 19, 2021

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When the clouds fell

Are you hearing what I’m hearing?

The Delta variant of CoVID-19 has hit Nigeria and that means is that there might be another lock down. Please note that this is a personal opinion and not the view expressed by Sterling, as I am not its official spokesperson.

We haven’t recovered from the effects of the first wave and if you’re a business owner in Nigeria, you’ll really understand that doing business in this country is indeed heavy-lifting, let alone, when there’s a pandemic.

With the looting and demolitions that took place down to the increased prices due to scarce raw materials, the first wave period was blatant terror but we move. However, we’re not here to talk about the sad realities of the past but how to better prepare for the possibility of a second one. We actually hope this doesn’t happen but like they say, ‘if you fail to plan, you plan to fail’.

That said, here are a few ways we can help out with this situation on ground. If you run a business that can help Nigerians access essentials during a lockdown, now is the time to comment below and drive people here to stock up for the rainy day.

The list below is our own way of helping the best way we can:
-It’s advisable to get a utility card because you can’t be spending anyhow as it is. You have to structure your spend and that’s easy when you have a Sterling utility card for things like grocery shopping, paying bills and general emergencies around the house. Visit a Sterling branch to get one so that you know that once you’ve moved the money there, you have the rest to do as you please.



-Visiting the fuel station is a luxury during a lock down. Like I earlier stated, I wish that is not the case but preparation is key. Imperium, our energy solution is an important asset at this time because exchanging notes and touching or meeting random people at a gas station is no way to stay safe. But with our Pay-as-you-go or buy to own services on Imperium, you are sure of regular power supply, whether ‘they bring light’ or not.

Imperium PWS

-Imagine your refrigerator blowing up, just out of the blues. Nobody plans these things but hey, they happen. The worst part? It’s stocked to the brim with persishables. All you need is Altmall to deliver a replacement to you while you pay later. Quick tip; you can just do your grocery shopping from there as well.


-Another thing you’ll also need is a reliable platform to make payments, save, invest and pay bills. Look; if you thought I’ll skip OneBank, I’m here to tell you that it is not in your best interest that I do. Go ahead to request for a debit card and have it delivered to you, without visiting a branch or following up.

There are about 1001 other tools we have in store for you, in the event that this happens again. Don’t forget; if you provide a service that you know people will need and appreciate; kindly comment with your social media handle or a means to reach out to you.


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