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The Alt Store Manager

Sterling Bank
Published: October 11, 2022

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Location: North, Southwest, and Lagos.

Close Date: The application closes on 30 October 2022

Think Alt! Think Uncommon.


The Alternative bank is for the versatile, unconventional, and obsessively customer-focused. This is because we pride ourselves in delivering an exceptional customer experience through leading-edge products, solutions, and services. We are a team of builders who are committed to creating wealth and value while making a difference in society. As a Store Manager, you will wonder what role you have to play here. It is pretty simple; it begins with having a builder’s mindset. You will be responsible for discovering and understanding the customer’s needs and then conceptualizing products and services to fulfill these needs with the support of your tribe aka the Delight Officers.

We are looking for an ideal candidate who is customer-focused and service-oriented. Someone who is value driven because we are not just creating products, we are solving problems. If you enjoy building, you will play an active role in the daily operations of the store. In this role, a passion for selling is needed.  if you think you can sell ice to an Eskimo and sand to the Sahara Desert then you are our ideal candidate. Bonus point, if you speak multiple languages, get along with people, and naturally, build relationships with people.

As the Manager, you would be responsible for building relationships, teaching your tribe, and consummating sales with customers. The vision of the Alt bank is clear and as the Master of the tribe aka the go-to person, you would require a set of diverse leadership skills to lead and inspire your team in running the operations of the store, delivering exceptional customer service and thinking of creative ways to improve processes and service delivery.



Key Qualifications

  • Knowledge of banking operations/business operations is a must-have
  • Your ability to sell is your superpower
  • Your effective communication skills both oral and written would complement your superpower
  • You are flexible, manage your time exceptionally well, and are organized
  • You are a creative thinker and have strong problem-solving skills
  • Customer focused and service-oriented
  • You have strong people skills.
  • You are empathetic and a good listener
  • You are tech-savvy and enjoy learning new things
  • Proven ability to lead and manage people
  • You are a self-starter, very productive, and result-oriented


As a Store Manager, you are responsible for discovering and understanding customers’ needs. You are the leader of the store; A proud Ambassador of the brand, running the daily operations of the store, converting walk-in customers into loyal customers, and having fun while doing what you love. You would be building and training a team of Delight Officers within the store to deliver a great customer experience. Outside these responsibilities, you would oversee operations such as inventory and managing customer appointments, and resolution of issues. Not only are you the go-to person, when it comes to the resolution of the problems and operations of the store, but you would also be responsible for inspiring and sharing the vision of the bank with your team because your success is measured by your contribution and the team efforts in actualizing the vision of the Alt Bank.

Additional Qualification

  • You’re passionate about the Alt Bank vision and eager to share this vision with others
  • You are keen on learning about the Alt Bank products
  • Bonus points if you are bi-lingual
  • You are agile and adaptable
  • Good attention to detail
  • Creative thinking and innovation
  • Coaching

What’s In It For You And More?

At the very core of our business are our people. We are committed to investing in our people to ensure they are their best selves, do great work and live fulfilling lives outside work.

  • Robust reward package
  • Health and wellness benefits
  • Annual vacation
  • Flexible work options
  • A continuous learning environment and training to ensure that you are successful in your role
  • An environment of growth (Internal mobility and professional growth)
  • An amazing work culture for builders like yourself

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