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Tired of the same old climb to the top? You’re not alone. Traditional markers of success like corporate advancement and profit growth are leaving many feeling burnt out and unfulfilled. In fact, a whopping 74% of professionals report feeling burnt out, and let’s face it, the world around us is changing faster than ever. New technologies, disruptions, and expectations are constantly emerging, and we need a new set of skills to thrive. It’s time for a change.

Join us at Sterling Leadership Series to discover a new way to succeed—one that’s on your own terms. Don’t settle for the crowded climb upward.

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Climbing Beyond





Sheila Ojei Moderator

Sheila Ojei


Sheila Ojei is the Country Manager, Nigeria, for the African Management Institute, focusing on empowering ambitious African businesses to thrive. She is known for leading funding and partnership strategies, communications for impact, and implementing development strategies across public, multinational, development, and private sector institutions.

Previously, as the Director of Strategy, Partnerships and Stakeholder Management at the Lagos State Employment Trust Fund (LSETF), Sheila significantly contributed to job and wealth creation initiatives for Lagos residents. She has been instrumental in establishing key partnerships in youth development, skills acquisition, and MSME support, and has organized roundtables with policy actors, industry leaders, and development partners in the Creative, Digital, and Agriculture sectors.

Sheila holds an MBA from Trinity College Dublin, a Master of Arts (MA) from Regents University UK, and a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from St John’s University, USA, reflecting her solid academic foundation and commitment to professional excellence.


Chief Segun Odegbami


Chief Segun Odegbami is a multifaceted personality who has made his mark in various fields. He was a former professional footballer who captained the Nigerian national team and represented the country as a two-time Olympian. After his playing career, Odegbami transitioned into writing, becoming an author, journalist, and publisher.

Odegbami’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish the Segun Odegbami International College and Sports Academy, as well as the Eagle7 Sports Radio Station, where he serves as the proprietor. His contributions to sports have been recognized nationally and internationally, earning him the prestigious titles of Sports Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and Ambassador for the Non-Communicable Disease Nigeria Alliance.

Beyond his athletic and media endeavors, Odegbami has been actively involved in promoting physical activity and health. He is an African Champion of the ‘Exercise is Medicine’ initiative by the American College of Sports Medicine. Odegbami has also served in leadership roles, including as the Head of the Sports and Diplomacy Unit at the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs and the former Chairman of the Governing Council of the Nigerian Institute of Sports.

In recognition of his remarkable achievements, Odegbami was honored with the prestigious Member of the Order of the Niger (MON) and continues to work as a sports consultant, sharing his expertise and insights with others.


What You Need To Know

The Sterling Leadership Series (SLS) is a quarterly interactive session.

It connects Sterling leaders and customers with thought leaders and captains of industries.

This edition will be a hybrid event – physical and also streamed online. 

The Keynote Speaker is Chief Segun Odegbami

Launched in 2018, the event aims to empower and drive quality conversations and to shift mindsets.

Previous speakers include Professor Wole Soyinka, Dr. Omobola Johnson, Howard French, and Mr. Yaw Sarkoh.

The theme for this edition is “Climbing Beyond”

Date: 4th of April, 2024

Venue: Live on YouTube

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