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Making Sense of Savings and Current Accounts

Victor Odogwu
Published: March 24, 2024

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In the Nigerian banking space, the lines between savings and current accounts seem to blur as Nigerians adapt their financial strategies; choosing to use the functions of one account type in the place of the other to suit their hustle. Let’s take a look at the features of Savings and Current Accounts and make sense of why this switch is happening.


Savings Account

A savings account is like a safe box for your money at the bank. When you open one, you put your money in there to keep it safe and maybe even make some extra money over time. The bank pays you a little bit of extra money called interest just for keeping your money with them. It’s great for saving up for things you want in the future, like a new phone or a vacation. Plus, it’s safer than keeping all your cash at home because the bank protects your money from things like theft or accidents. Think of it as your own little “Kolo” held for you by your bank.

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Features of Savings Accounts:

Traditionally, savings accounts were the go-to for stashing away money for the future. Here’s the gist:


  1. ‘Chop Money’ Interest:

Savings accounts used to be the champ when it came to earning ‘chop money’ interest. Every naira you saved would bring in a little extra over time.


  1. Controlled Spending:

The idea was to keep your savings safe from impulse spending. You’d stash your cash there and only dip into it for big goals or emergencies.


  1. Secure Savings:

Your savings account was like a fortress for your hard-earned money. It was safe and sound, growing quietly in the background.

Example: Let’s say you saved up ₦100,000 in your savings account, with a 2% interest rate. After a year, you’d have ₦102,000 – not bad for just leaving your money alone!



Current Account

A current account is like your everyday money hub at the bank. When you open one, you get a debit card and maybe even some checks. This account is all about easy access to your cash whenever you need it. You can use your debit card to buy stuff online or in stores, and you can write checks to pay bills or rent.


Unlike a savings account, where you earn a little extra money over time, a current account is more about convenience and flexibility. It’s perfect for managing your day-to-day expenses and keeping your money flowing smoothly. Think of it as your financial command center, ready to handle whatever life throws your way!


Features of Current Accounts:

On the flip side, current accounts were meant for everyday money moves. But lately, they’ve taken a backseat to many Nigerians. Here’s why:




  1. Flexibility Galore:

Current accounts used to offer unlimited transactions and easy access to your cash. But as Nigerians began using their savings accounts for daily expenses, current accounts lost their shine.


  1. Cards and Checks:

Debit cards and checkbooks were once the domain of current accounts. But with the convenience of mobile banking and ATM cards linked to savings accounts, these features became less of a draw.


  1. Cover Your Back:

Overdraft protection used to be a lifesaver for unexpected expenses. But with many Nigerians keeping most of their funds in savings accounts, the need for overdraft protection dwindled.

For example: Picture this: You’re out with friends and need cash for a quick bite. Instead of dipping into your current account, you just use your savings account’s ATM card. Easy peasy!


Reasons for the Switch:

So, why the role reversal? Here are a few reasons:


  1. Interest Rates:

With savings accounts offering better interest rates, Nigerians saw an opportunity to earn more on their day-to-day funds.


  1. Convenience:

Mobile banking apps, USSD, and ATM cards linked to savings accounts made it easier to manage money on the go, reducing the need for current accounts.


  1. Changing Habits:

As lifestyles evolved, so did financial habits. Many Nigerians found it more convenient to use one account for everything, blurring the lines between savings and current accounts.



In the ever-evolving world of Nigerian banking, the way we see savings and current accounts is changing. Whether you stick to tradition or embrace the new norm, the key is to find a financial strategy that works for you.


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