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Real-time Agro Commodities Trading

Your trusted online agricultural commodities trading platform.


How SABEX works

Our platform provides you the comfort of getting started and ahead. It offers you multiple channel of opportunities like never before;

Market Hub

Look no further. Our unbeatable platform is the right place to buy and sell your agricultural commodities. Hurry, register, and start trading.

Input Supply/Finance

We are ensuring fertilizers, agrochemicals and seeds amongst other input reach the last mile. We are agriculture personified!


SABEX is ready to support your business goals. Do more with instant funding for your next planting. You can harvest at any time of the year.

Who it is for?

Our platform provides you the comfort of getting started and ahead. It offers you multiple channel of opportunities like never before;

Why use SABEX?

Using SABEX comes with amazing perks. That it what it takes to be Sterling. With our platform built specially with you in mind, you get;

Decentralised trading

SABEX is an open market with uniform market prices. There are no hidden charges or different prices for any commodity

Market opportunity

For every of your farm produce, there is a market to sell and make money instantly. No need to worry about post-harvest losses

Electronic warehouse receipts

Know when transactions are completed. There are no hidden charges.

Pan-Nigeria warehousing support

No matter where you are, getting your farm produce to the buyer has never been this simple. Our warehouses are available all over the country to serve you.

Investment opportunity

Take advantage of our asset-buying platform. Take agriculture to the next level by investing right.

Electronic warehouse receipt

Using SABEX comes with an electronic warehouse receipt showing when and what deposit is made.


Access up to N2 bn in credit. Farmers with output use their produce as collateral leverage.

Security of assets

The platform is backed by blockchain – a highly secure system – which uses digital signature and encryption. The system is specially designed to be secure, convenient, and tamper-proof.

Account reconciliation

The validity of transactions is checked and confirmed by users, thus, confirming authenticity.

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