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What is Remita?
Remita offers an all-in-one financial solution to streamline your financial management. With Remita, you can accept payments from your customers and manage your accounts across banks, all in one place. You can also make digital payments to beneficiaries across all banks and enjoy online and offline payments processing via any Nigerian bank in the SystemSpecs network.
  • Payment collections via any Nigerian bank 
  • Multi-channel payments – in-branch, cards, internet banking, POS terminals 
  • Custom Pay-In forms – create payment items and customize payment forms with as many fields as needed (e.g. payer name, e-mail address, dealer code, phone no, etc.) 
  • Single view of all payments made across different channels and banks 
  • Real-time online transaction reports and analytics across channels 
  • Seamless integration with existing business systems – CRM/ERP
  • SMEs/Corporates – collect payments from customers for goods and services  
  • Schools – for tuition payments and other school fees 
  • Service providers – accept bill payments for utilities, subscriptions, etc. 
  • Government agencies – collect taxes, levies and other revenue collections 
  • Multiple payment options for your customers 
  • Flexibility to define as many products/payment items as desired  
  • Easy reconciliation with billing and accounting systems  
  • Online and real-time access to transaction reports across channels 
  • Automatically generate electronic receipts  
  • Faster financial management processes  
  • Enhanced transparency of accounting processes  
  • Personalized support and quick issue resolution 

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