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Rants With Kiki – Ep 1: Do It Now!

Sterling Bank
Published: January 16, 2023

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do it now 02

It’s a New Year.

And you’re about to procrastinate on your plans, again.

The ones you carried over from 2022.

Just a few tweaks, push and pull, you know you can get it fired up. But you’re just so deep into extending your deadlines over and over…(side eye)

I was like that. Until I discovered some life-lessons that helped me pull through:


1. Own the procrastinator in you but don’t let it own you. 

The first step is acknowledging that there is a real issue here.

Everyone is a procrastinator one way or the other. Everyone uses the word “later” now and then. The only difference is some use it more than others, especially on critical, destiny-changing matters.

Own it! It is in our nature as humans to feel the need to set some things aside to give more attention to something else. So after you’re done assessing and acknowledging the problem, then we move on to priorities.


2. Set Priorities  

Get your priorities straight. Being a procrastinator is not a crime, not having a good sense of what is important and urgent, now that’s a crime (well, not punishable by law but you get the intensity I’m going for).



So, are you putting off things that are important and urgent?

Draw up a list (always, always have a list). Then arrange in order of priority and start from the top. You’ll be amazed at your progress when you look back. 


3. Get A Drive – No, Not on Uber! 

This is what I mean – find the motivation. It would be so nice if you were naturally motivated, but we find it hard to just stay motivated, especially when we are trying to do things we don’t like that much. So, for the easier part, get someone close, someone you respect – to keep you motivated – an accountability partner.  They’ll help you stay resolved and motivated.


So, what are you procrastinating on?

Wanna start a business? Get on it, Specta is always here to help with loans. Wanna reconnect with family abroad? Switch would keep you connected. Need to start saving? OneBank got you on that. Whatever it is, do it now, get up, get moving, you only got one life!

Thank you for reading the blog. Please spare 30 Seconds to meet you here.

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David cloud
David cloud
1 year ago

This article was very helpful , thanks sterling I hope I can get a loan to kick start my plans.

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