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Enjoy extra perks like overdrafts and movie tickets that fit your life at home, at work and everyday pleasures.

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Sterling Premium is a subscription product, designed to always have your back and give you amazing benefits beyond traditional banking

Why Sterling Premium Overdraft?

You have a credit line that doesn’t have a fixed term and you can reuse as many times as needed to use for emergencies and avoid debt.

The bottom line: there are no hidden fees, no late fees, and definitely no default fees. 
All that is required of you is to continue using your account as normal.

Premium, Plus Extra.

Manage your finances and solve urgent needs without stress.

More Cash, More Value.

A premium card that keeps you ahead of your financial commitments with extra cash, whenever you need it.

Get The Power of 2 in 1.

A debit card with credit top up whenever you want.


Movie tickets​

Your Movie Night Made Easy

Enjoy two free movie tickets every month, to any movie you want to see, including the latest box office blockbusters.

Free debit card

Free Debit Card With Global Access

Get your Sterling Premium debit card for free and shop anywhere in Nigeria, without any fees.

Telemedicine Access

Your Health At Your Fingertips

Get access to a doctor 24/7 with our telemedicine service.

Café One access

Enjoy Access to Café One

Work, relax and connect with other professionals for free at café one when you go with your Premium debit card.

Interest-free overdrafts

Your Financial Peace of Mind

Enjoy interest-free overdrafts to cover unexpected expenses or to avoid high-interest debt.


Frequently Asked Questions

Sterling Premium is a subscription product, designed to always have your back on rainy days with lots of amazing benefits.

  • Need extra cash? Get an overdraft with zero interest.
  • Your very own MasterCard, free of charge.
  • Enjoy a monthly movie night with two tickets on us.
  • Need a change of scenery? Enjoy Café One co-working spaces whenever you need.
  • Feeling under the weather? Connect with doctors on Tremendoc without leaving your couch.

Joining the Sterling Premium Club is strictly by invitation but to stand a higher chance, you must:

  • Maintain an active account with us.
  • Showcase a strong credit history with the credit bureau.

For just N5000 a month, you can be a part of Sterling Premium.

Your first Sterling Premium subscription bill of N5000 will be charged on the 20th of the month and subsequently every 20th of the month going forward. The bottom line: there are no hidden fees, no late fees, and definitely no default fees.

Think of the Sterling Bank Overdraft as your financial safety net. It’s like a friend that lends you money for a short term when your account hits Zero.

No application is required for Overdrafts at the moment.

While currently tied to Sterling Premium, this feature will soon be accessible to everyone.

Open an account today to begin enjoying these benefits.

There are no interest fees on overdrafts.

If you cancel before the 20th of the month of your sign up, you will not be charged for your subscription. Your subscription will auto-renew until cancelled.

Even if you cancel, you will use your Premium card but lose new and existing benefits associated with your Sterling Premium subscription, such as interest free overdrafts, no late fees, movie tickets, access to Café One and Tremendoc, and more.

Currently, overdraft limits are predetermined based on your account activity.

You can access your overdraft when:

  • Your personal funds are insufficient.
  • A transaction surpasses your available balance.

For instance, if you wish to make a N30k purchase with only N20k in your account, the overdraft will seamlessly cover the difference.

Absolutely. you can transfer funds from your overdraft to Sterling Bank and other bank accounts. You can also use your overdraft for cash withdrawals, web transactions, and more.

Repayment is automatically triggered when funds are deposited into your account.

You’ll only need to repay the overdraft amount and the subscription fee.

The outstanding amount equals Outstanding Overdraft + N5000 subscription.

No interest rates will ever apply.

If you’re facing financial challenges, especially in case of overdrawn accounts, please reach out to us. We’re here to assist you.

Certainly, you can opt out without incurring any charges. However, do note that opting out will result in the loss of access to the associated benefits.

No, a Personal Overdraft is distinct. It’s a line of credit linked to your account, eliminating the need for an extra account.

Unlike a Credit card, which requires a physical card for access and a specific monthly repayment amount

Unlike personal loans, Sterling Premium’s overdraft is a reusable credit line doesn’t have a fixed term, and you can tap into it again and again over time.

Movie tickets, Café One and Telemedicine

With Sterling Premium, you can enjoy all type of movies, even the latest blockbusters. Not sure what movie you want to view? Click here to download the app or visit the website.

Our Telemedicine service grants you virtual access to an array of medical professionals through Tremendoc.

You can download the app here.

For a productive work environment, access Café One’s co-working spaces across the country.

Current locations: at Chevron Drive – Lekki, Lennox Mall – Lekki Phase 1, E-centre – Yaba, Palms Mall – Ibadan and Meksy Plaza – Owerri.

Simply select a location, show your email to Customer Experience personnel, and get to work

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