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What is PayOutlet?

PayOutlet is a solution that helps you make payments to any Nigerian bank, collect payments from your customers through eTranzact member banks and consolidate all payments from multiple banks into one account

  • Payment collections via any Nigerian bank 
  • Multi-channel payments – in-branch, cards, cheque, mobile/web transfer  
  • Single view of all payments made across different channels and banks 
  • Real-time online transaction reports and analytics across channels 
  • Includes Sterling utility payment service – pay electricity, internet, housing & other service bills 
  • Seamless integration with existing business systems – CRM/ERP 
  • Business – collect payments from customers for goods and services  
  • Schools – for tuition payments and other school fees 
  • Service providers – accept bill payments for utilities, subscriptions, etc. 
  • Government agencies – collect taxes, levies and other revenue collections 
  • NGOs & Religious organizations 
  • Multiple payment options for your customers 
  • Flexibility to define as many products/payment items as desired  
  • Easy reconciliation with billing and accounting systems  
  • Online and real-time access to transaction reports across channels 
  • Automatically generate electronic receipts  
  • Faster financial management processes  
  • Enhanced transparency of accounting processes 
  • Personalized support and quick issue resolution 

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