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What is OneWoman?

OneWoman is a proposition designed by Sterling to provide bespoke financial offering to all female customers and clients. It serves as a one-stop-shop for all the Bank’s offerings, catering to various needs of women to drive sustainable economic development and growth.
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What is Our Goal?

To bridge the gap by providing financial, business and Lifestyle advisory services to help women achieve their goals through capacity building, trainings, and financial support via business loans.

Unlimited Benefit

OneWoman is accessible to women across all spheres of life.

  – Access to market for your business.
  – Mortgage and rent financing
  – Asset Financing loans.
  – Distributorship Financing
  – Business Registration with 3yrs free banking services
  – Pensions and insurance solutions.
  – Access to discounts from our partners stores using one woman card.
  – Access to health solutions One Mama

To enjoy the benefits of the initiative, you must first open an account (savings, current or corporate) with Sterling and then express your interest in joining our community.

Explore Our Products



I-Invest is a mobile application designed to encourage customers to build a savings and investment culture. I-Invest offer investments in Treasury Bills, Eurobonds & Equity in a secure, fast and convenient way.


Doubble is an automated investment platform that allows you invest at your convenience and get back up to 200% over a period. With Doubble, you choose to invest either in one contribution (lump sum) or periodic contributions with investment options available in Naira and Dollars.


OneWoman Debit Card

Get the OneWoman debit card and enjoy access to several discounts on lifestyle offerings in Nigeria.


Specta is the fastest online lending platform that gives individuals & businesses loans of up to 5 Million Naira in one transaction all within 5 minutes! No paper, no collateral and no visit to any office.


Edubanc is a tech-based banking platform which focuses on providing banking and social services to stakeholders in the education sector to enable improved learning outcomes and business growth for schools.



Alt Mall is an e-commerce platform developed by Sterling Alternative Finance (SAF) to provide customers great shopping experience and flexible payment options. On Alt Mall, customers can shop using web and mobile devices; choose a preferred option for getting their items (pick up or delivery) as well as flexible payment options.


OneBank is a 100% digital banking app brought to you by Sterling bank. It offers you the ability to register and bank instantly and you can make payments, invest and borrow money, all in the app. With OneBank, a customer can get everything done without entering a branch. You can self-onboard, enter your BVN, up load your documents and start transacting.


Healthbanc is an online platform that uses technology, advocacy, and finance to solve the problem of inefficient service delivery within the health sector. Through strategic partnership with leading stakeholders within the healthcare industry, Healthbanc aims to change health experience across the whole value chain by providing value-driven technology products that solve the challenges faced by key players (providers and consumers) within the industry.


Frequently Asked Questions

One Woman is not a direct bank account but a platform that allows access to an array of offerings for the Sterling female customer.

Open a Sterling current or savings account, request for the One Woman debit card and get access to other benefits

Walk into any of our listed partner stores listed HERE to enjoy discounts on payments

Anyone can apply to be our partner.

Send an email to [email protected]

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Empowering Women for Global Trade!

Imagine a Nigeria where women break barriers with powerful impact. The OneWoman Mentorship Program in partnership with WISCAR, empowers talented, ambitious women to lead and shape the nation’s future.

With this Program, we dismantle obstacles, promoting collective success. By equipping women with leadership skills and confidence, we help build stronger companies and a vibrant economy.

OneWoman Saver!

OneWoman Saver, backed by Women’s World Banking and the Gates Foundation, introduces a savings initiative in Lagos, Delta, and Ogun State. It offers easy savings and a 6% interest rate for 6 months to empower low-income women financially.

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Join Our Community

Enjoy access to financial products and services at discounted rates, networking events, trainings and so much more.

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