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Jack & Jill Went Up The Hill!

Sterling Bank
Published: April 16, 2021

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A man on the hill side
welcome back from the hill landscape

Dear Jill,

Are you back?

Yes; down from the hill of advocating for Nigeria because of Jack Dorsey’s tweet a few days ago.

Let me not lie; I really didn’t know we loved Naija this much until Baba made that ‘proclamation’ and everywhere scatter.

Considering the number of ‘Japa’ applications being processed by the month, e shock me o but Oh, well.

Thank God for journey mercies from uphill with Oga Jack but now that you’re on level ground, bring your stool closer and let’s talk. Like have an honest conversation as fellow countrymen.

It’s about time we did that!

So last year, troops from the United States came into Nigeria to rescue their citizen, who was held in ‘Boko’ custody.

In that same 2020, Jack Dorsey received threats from a certain Government representative, for supporting a particular cause that gained global recognition, based on information shared on Twitter.

We, the ‘giant’ of Africa cannot boast of constant power supply, except, of course, you use Imperium (like I’ve been shouting since). How about our roads or does it not bother you how this issue continues to facilitate the incessant kidnap of civilians daily? Or are we now going to act as though we would not have made the same choice, if we were in Jack’s shoes?

If you’re a business owner, you would definitely understand that the price of petrol, for a top 10 oil producing country in the world is high and running a business in this terrain is super expensive.



If you could choose a clime with better amenities, I don’t believe that the choice would be a difficult one to make. After all, we have more ‘Canadian’ Nigerians, remember?

In Twitter’s official statement, they cited that their choice was strictly based on the support of the Ghanaian Government for free speech and the freedom of information. Our ‘little’ incident from last year clearly disqualified us, if you ask me.

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At the end of the day, it’s business and the best way to succeed is to leave sentiments aside.

I know you still stare at those photobombs with ‘Jack of Twitter’ during his first visit to Nigeria. Hold those ‘treasures’ tightly to your chest because our dream of a Twitter Headquarters in Nigeria might never happen, except a divine intervention takes place.

With several multinationals fleeing the country, it’s only normal to weigh your options and it’s highly probable that they considered all that before choosing to site their office in Ghana.

Have you also thought about why South Africa didn’t make it? I mean, they tick all the boxes except for another ‘incident’, that shall not be uttered by my own lips.

My final words: Act like a person; think like a business.

I’d like to read what you think in the comments below!

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