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Go Fast With Fashion

Sterling Bank
Published: March 3, 2020

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When we came up with CafeOne, our co-working space where entrepreneurs can utilize the power supply and internet services in exchange for buying a cup of coffee, it was a banger because the turn up was lit. Till date, we have helped tons of businesses thrive amidst the challenging times by just allowing us to make them any coffee of their choice.

This time, we are back with an adaptation of this same project for the growing fashion businesses in our midst. One of the challenges of this sector is access to machines that aid production and that is exactly what the Business Hub has come to solve.

At the Business Hub, the best machines for sewing, weaving, finishing, name it, have already been acquired and set up just so that you can walk in and sew your time away on any of our machines all day long. The pressure to get yours is off your shoulders, for now.


Don’t even stress if you cannot sew; you can come along with your preferred tailor to piece together your sketches. It even helps you plan in such a way that you can sketch and cut for certain days of the week and sew on other days. The beautiful part is that there are vendors there to ‘feed’ you if you’re hungry. Not for free o because you feed yourself when you’re in your shop, right? So, consider this your shop, LOL. 



Anyways, you can also be one of our vendors, in case you’re not a fashion designer but want to make some money off this initiative. All you need is a Sterling Business Account and you’re good to go. This is our way of thanking our customers for sticking with us through thick and thin. An amazing thing is that in case you’ve sold for the day and you can’t rush to the bank to deposit, you can do so in the within the building. Cool, right? 


Did I mention that we also have well-furnished meeting rooms? Rooms that have a splash of afro-centricity, from the fabrics on the furniture to beautiful handcrafts, exquisite flowers, paintings or woven pieces on display, which could also be sold to you based on demand? So, you don’t just get to host your meet-and-greet or train your staff or have a client consultation session in a professional environment that is void of food aroma or messy toilets or people loitering and being all up in your business; you get to window-shop or shop and pay for items through the alternative finance store called Altmall.



All these in just one space and you get access, how? Simple; Just make sure that your breakfast or lunch or any sort of refreshment for the time you’re scheduled for will be purchased from the vendors within the building. That’s your ‘gate-fee’; NO RENT! NO LIGHT BILLS! NOTHING but your lunch money.

See you at the Adebola House, 23 Opebi Road, Ikeja, anytime from 8 am to 5 pm daily, excluding Sundays.

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