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Export Financing
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New to Export Trade?

Exporters intending to go into export trade must first register with The Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC) and obtain an Export Certificate.

The NEPC Certificate alongside other requirements for Corporate Account opening, is required to open an Export Domiciliary Account for receipt of export proceeds.

Once the certificate is issued by the NEPC, the exporter will proceed to apply for their NXP on the TRMS Platform.

The TRMS platform is web-based and can be assessed directly by exporters from their offices/homes using the link:

Documents required to access the TRMS Portal

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Export life cycle shows the processes involved in export from conceptualization to completion

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Export Readiness

Customer must have a registered company
Customer to be registered with NEPC (Nigeria Export Promotion Council)
Product to be exported
Sources or raw materials/commodities
Target Market
Relevant Permits/licenses.

To register for NEPC click here
Relevant Documents/Permits
• phytosanitary certificate for agricultural commodities (issued by NAQS)
• health certificate for processed and semi-processed food items (issued by NAFDAC)
• international veterinary certificate for animals and animal products (issued by DVPCS)
• fumigation certificate for agricultural commodities (issued by FPIS, part of FMITI)

Contract Initiation

This is the contract/agreement between the buyer and seller stating the expectation/terms between both parties i.e. mode of payment.

Export Funding

Family, Friends, and Bank. Bank Funding such as Pre- Shipment, Post Shipment, Commodity Finance are financing options available.

Commodity Procurement

This entails knowing where and how to source the product for export to meet your buyer’s demand.

Export Documentation

This includes the pre and post export documents such as CAC documents, Export Contract, Export Certificate, Proforma Invoice, Packing List, Commercial Invoice,etc.

Logistics & Freights

Before embarking on any export venture, ensure you understand the basic terms of delivery (including pricing and documentation). Also understand the responsibilities of the major players for safe delivery of your products to buyers, such details include transport modes, duration of shipment, conditions required for different products and the agreed terms of trade.

To learn about your responsibilities and that of the buyer.

Furthermore, It is important that you identify experienced freight forwarders and this would ensure that your products meet the agreed terms of delivery.

Approved Inspection Agencies

This are agencies that check the quality and quantity of commodities/product for export to ensure they meet standard requirements , then a Clean Certificate of Inspection (CCI) is issued to the exporter.

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Importance of Export Procedures and Documentation

Ensure that products/commodities are valid and eligible for export

It helps to minimize your export risk

To ensure that exported goods conform to buyer’s country specifications and meets standards

Ensure that the quality of export is good

To enable you qualify for export incentives and grants.

Ensure you meet buyer’s requirement by providing evidence of origin and delivery.

It provides proper accountability of exported goods.

This helps to formalize the export business.

Commodities/Product For Export

Cocoa, Cashew Nut, Ginger, Sesame seeds, soyabeans, manufactured goods, semi-processed goods, metal recycling, solid minerals, agric commodities etc. that are not on the export prohibition list.

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