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sterling classic credit card

Take full control of your account with our credit cards.

A card that provides access to a revolving line of credit to meet financial needs of a cardholder. It typically gives cardholders control to manage spends against their salary payments and investments at the end of each month.

sterling classic credit card

Key Features


24/7 access to your funds.


Secure and affordable


World-wide acceptance


No transaction limits*

Features & Benefits

  • Easy access to a revolving line of credit
  • Naira denominated
  • Flexible repayment option
  • Worldwide Acceptance wherever the Visa logo is displayed
  • Up to 45 days of interest free period
  • EMV compliant (Chip and PIN technology)
  • Contactless capability
  • Shop and make online payments worldwide
  • 3D secure transactions requiring One-time password (OTP) for verification
  • 3-year card validity
  • Exciting offers and discounts
  • 24-hour contact center support
  • General inquiries and assistance from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, provided by Visa’s Global Customer Assistance Services
  • Credit Card Fees

    • Interest fee on amount spent (Outstanding): 2.5%
    • Insurance premium on limit: 1%
    • ATM Withdrawal Fee: 3%
    • Card Fee: N1,000
    • Late payment fee: N2,000

    Repayment Period:

    16th – 30th day following your spend date.

    Let's look at John

    John gets a card with limit of 100,000 and spends 50,000.
    Scenario A: If John pays back the 50,000 during the repayment period, he will not be charged any interest.
    Scenario B: If John cannot repay the 50,000 (amount spent), he is expected to make at least 10% of amount spent as repayment, this is therefore N5,000. Following that, he now owes 45,000 (50,000 – 5,000) and a 2.5% Interest on this 45,000 = 1,125 bringing his outstanding to 46,125 Naira.

    *John must make at least 10% so as not to charge a late repayment fee.
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