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Payment Solutions

Corporate payment solutions that complement your business


sPay presents an array of carefully selected Suite of APIs targeted to meet the needs of fintechs, SMEs and tech communities.


mCash is a NIBSS solution for Sellers/Merchants to receive Payments from Payers by dialing a USSD code on their mobile phones. The Seller will be required to have a Seller Code.

Point of Sale (POS) Terminal

It’s really annoying when you need to make a payment but you’re out of cash. We have considered this and have made available our point of sale (POS) terminals which allow debit card holders make payment for goods and services at shops, malls, petrol stations and other purchase points nationwide.


Convenient, modern and efficient payment process.

For further details, visit any Sterling Bank Branch or email us at [email protected]

A. My POS is not working, what should I do?
• You should alert your account officer immediately.
• Call the hotline displayed on the sticker affixed to the terminal or call our 24/7 Customer Care Centre through the phone numbers and e-mail addresses below.

B. Do I need to keep the print out receipts?
• Yes, this is compulsory. The customer copy needs be given to the customer while you must retain the merchant’s copy for in-house reconciliation of account and settlement dispute claim if it arises.

C. Is there a regular check on the POS terminal functionality?
• Our 3rd party support officers (PTSPs) which are responsible for configuration and support are mandated to check functionality of POS terminals at merchant locations routinely.

D. When will the transactions done be settled into our account?
• The money will settle into your account the next working day(T+1) Please call your account officer/support officer if you experience any delay.

E. What if there is no printout from a transaction?
• The message on the LCD of the terminal is sufficient to determine the outcome of the transaction. If missed, contact our POS team.
• The printer may be bad. Please contact our POS team/Support officer.
• The print roll paper may have been affixed incorrectly. Please contact our POS team/Support agents.

F. How can I reconcile my transactions?
• Sum up daily transaction receipts and search for the lump sum less the transaction charge i.e. mostly 0.75% (though varies per transaction and merchant) in your bank statement at the end of the proceeding transaction day.
• Request through any of our branches for Terminal Monitoring System (EPMS/TLM/Moneytor) to view and download transaction reports (per transaction record) online real-time 24hrs/7days a week.

G. If a transaction is declined and customers account is debited via SMS evidence?
• A declined transaction is not successful, DO NOT GIVE VALUE. The customer will receive a reversal in about 24hours.If not, then the customer can log a claim with his bank against the acquiring bank. i.e. merchant’s bank.

H. If a transaction is approved on the LCD menu screen of the terminal and there is no print out?
• This is a successful transaction. The POS merchant can go ahead to give value to the customer.

I. Will I be trained?
• Yes. Training is done by Bank staff/support staff/vendor during deployment at merchant location.

J. Who do I communicate to whenever I have enquiries/challenges on the service?
• Send an email to [email protected] or [email protected] or call: 01-4484481-5, 01-4489470-94
• All POS disputes & Chargebacks are to be sent to [email protected]


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