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Our Telecom Unit currently handles major corporate clients that play in the Telecoms and Information Technology sector of the economy. Our clients include organizations involved in the provision of voice, data and other ancillary business.

The nature of our business is global and our clientele range from local companies with global outlook to international companies with Nigerian affiliates.

Power and Steel

This unit handles corporate clients that play in the Metal Engineering works sector.

Our team of professionals help you achieve your profit and growth goals while providing the necessary support for other business targets.


Our clients consist of companies with multiple interests in various sectors and sub-sectors of the economy; these range from manufacturing to trading along different product lines. By nature, our clients are corporations with a number of seemingly unrelated businesses running independently.

We have over the year perfected Relation Management for this unique clientele by been able to put in place tailored made products to suit their various business needs.

Corporate and Structured Finance

Sterling Bank secured a $40 million facility from Export-Import Bank Turkey

In recognition of its commitment to international trade finance and investment among individuals and institutions across the world, Sterling Bank recently secured a $40million facility from Export-Import Bank Turkey for both project and trade finance.

The facility was granted following the conclusion of due diligence on the bank, which affirmed it as a reputable financial institution with the capacity to meet its obligations and a worthy partner through which funds could be brought into the country for trade finance.

Oil & Gas

Our team of experts provide financial and advisory services to companies involved in exploration and production of oil and gas. We provide financial support to service companies that provide various logistic and support services to the Oil and Gas majors including marine services.

We also offer financial services and advisory to those in the downstream sector of the Oil and Gas Industry aiding downstream players to import petroleum products for local distribution. Our Clientele include major petroleum importers, filling stations, Oil and Gas importers and Tank farm Owners.

Food and Beverages

This division handles all our Corporate Customers under the food and beverage sector. Our services include extension of credit facilities, facilitation on trade transactions, providing appropriate financial advice to our customers among others.

We are strategically focused on delivering excellent services in order to enhance our Customers’ businesses.

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