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Mbuwume Joanglo
Published: July 8, 2023

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Collection of dreams

In the lively and bustling city of Lagos, there lived a man named Dami in the slums of Ajegunle. He had a passion for fabrics, and he could spot a fake from a mile away. Dami was known as “Dami the Dreamer” among his friends because he always dreamed of making it big and showing off Nigeria’s colorful fabrics to the world, going as far as London Fashion Week. Now, that’s a dream worth having!


He knew that he wanted to start his own thing, and after much thought, he decided to start a tie-and-dye business using luxury fabrics and called it “Collection of Dreams” (or as his area friends called it, “The Dreamers Collection”). He spent all his savings acquiring high-quality fabrics for his first batch of designs. And boy, were they exquisite! The people in his area hailed him whenever he walked by – much to his embarrassment!


With the launch of his business, Dami acquired some level of fame, but he wasn’t satisfied and wanted more. Dami wanted his collection to be displayed at the “London Fashion Week,” and he wanted to style Nollywood celebrities. But alas, his dreams seemed to be confined to the slums of Ajegunle.


Dami also struggled to manage his finances, promote his business, and stay competitive in the ever-growing market. The upcoming actors he had been designing clothes for and hoped would help promote his business left him for other brands as soon as they hit a little stardom.


Refusing to give up on his dreams, Dami went back to his mentor in the tie-and-dye business for guidance. His mentor told him that he needed the right kind of support to take his business globally. He needed proper funding, business advice, and training to excel in the field he had chosen in this economy.




Dami was later introduced to Business Banking services that were specifically designed to help small businesses thrive in Nigeria’s ever-changing economy. He discovered that there were free banking services that helped ease some of the financial burdens he had been struggling with. He was also trained in how to improve his professionalism and sharpen his business acumen for free.


Dami was also able to secure loans without the burden of collateral requirements, which allowed him to expand his business even further. Though he has not gotten to the London Fashion Week yet, he has hosted various local and national fashion shows. He became known not just as “Dami the Dreamer,” but also as a strategic and successful businessman with a thriving venture.


As Dami’s tie-and-dye business gained momentum and recognition, a renowned Nigerian actress reached out to him with an unexpected proposition. She had been following Dami’s work closely and was deeply impressed by his talent. She wanted Dami to design and create a unique wardrobe for her next blockbuster movie, which would showcase Nigerian culture in a fresh and vibrant way. Dami’s dream of styling Nollywood celebrities was finally coming true, but the twist came when the actress revealed that the movie had secured an international distribution deal. Dami’s designs would not only be seen by Nollywood fans but also by audiences worldwide, putting his ‘Collection of Dreams’ on a global stage.


If you’re a dreamer like Dami and want to start your own business, don’t fret. Help is available. Click here to discover how you can access the same range of services that helped Dami achieve his goals.

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