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6 Different People You Can’t Miss At Polling Units

Eniola Falaiye
Published: February 24, 2023

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polling units

2023 elections polling units

The most anticipated 2023 Election is here with hundreds of polling units available for Nigerians to cast their vote.  The streets of Twitter are hot with controversial opinion polls, heated debates, dirty politics, and unending gbas gbos.

For some people, these viral activities are all words, no action.

But some true patriotic citizens, the change ambassadors, will step out to vote at different polling units across Nigeria.

They’ll come across different people with different fun personalities, some of which we’ve highlighted below:

  • Ministers of Enjoyment 

These people mix work with pleasure, the true ministers of enjoyment. They come to the polling units with drinks, food, grilled everything, munchies, and even a music speaker they bought from altmall.

 It’s going to be a long day, and they intend to make the best use of it, because of YOLO.

  • The Showoffs

They’re serious about change, ready to peacefully cast their votes, and wait as long as it takes but they do it cladded in designers (with obvious logos). Ask them for the time and you might get blinded by the bling on it (which they shouldn’t even be wearing in the first place).  Polling units or not, they can’t be caught unfresh, and the single ones are lowkey hoping to meet their future boo- #WeMetAtThePollingUnit2023

  • The Fighters

These people came for war and war only. Speak badly about their chosen candidate and they’re already grabbing your shirt, ready to serve a punch or two. These are the ones that scatter polling units and start the fights we see online. If you see them, avoid them like plagues.


  • The Polling Unit Heroes

These are the true polling unit heroes. They find out what’s happening and tell others. They share unsolicited news from other centres. They organize people voluntarily, offer to help senior citizens, and sometimes chop slaps while trying to settle a fight. They are true angels of the day. 

  • The Talkatives

This is when your headphones come in handy because this category of people can talkkkkk and complain for Africa! Phew! They’ll talk about everything, every candidate, the INEC officials, and even put their mouths in personal matters that are not their business. They’ll complain throughout the whole process. Omo!

The opposite is the ones that won’t say a word till they leave. They mind their business in a snobbish but graceful way. My faves (probably yours too).

  • The Group-ies

Lol, not that type.

These ones come to the polling unit in groups and nothing in this life can separate them till they leave. They stick together through thick and thin, and cast their votes together. 

No matter who you are, the most important thing is you came out to vote. And that’s where the true change begins.

Vote for a better Nigeria.

We all need it.

P.S. If you’re bored in the long queue, these are definitely good reads.

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1 year ago

Spots on

1 year ago

Spots on. Wehdone Sterling Bank

Hassan Abakar Annur
Hassan Abakar Annur
1 year ago

And God, praise be to God, because the time has come, and we have no words except to say that the choice is in the hands of God, and God chooses for us the righteous man and the ruler among his nation

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