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5 Weird Valentine Traditions You Haven’t Heard About

Victor Odogwu
Published: February 14, 2024

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Valentine is here, where is ya boyfriend?


Hey there, lovebirds and butterflies! With today being Valentine’s Day, it’s time to consume some Valentine’s content.

For this one, we look at five of the weirdest Valentine’s traditions you haven’t heard about. Sure, chocolates and flowers are sweet, but have you heard about the downright bizarre Valentine’s Day traditions from history? Here are five of the weirdest Valentine’s Day practices that will leave you rolling your eyes and chuckling at the same time!


Medieval Matchmaking Mayhem:

Weird valentine - Medieval france












Picture this: medieval France, a time when love was a battlefield and matchmaking was a risky game. Singles would gather in houses facing each other, calling out to pair off like some medieval Tinder. But here’s the catch – if a man didn’t fancy his match, he could bolt for another lady, leaving the poor women stuck with whoever called dibs first. Talk about love at first “Hey, you there!”


Victorian Valentine Villainy:

Weird valentine - Victorian Villainy

Ah, the Victorian era, where even Valentine’s Day had a dark side. Imagine receiving a card filled with insults and snark instead of sweet nothings. Yep, that’s right – vinegar valentines were all the rage, featuring mean poems and caricatures. It was like getting a bouquet of thorns instead of roses. Ouch!



Whimsical Welsh Wooing:

weird valentine - Welsh love spoon carving

Fast forward to Wales, where love took a crafty turn with the tradition of love spoon carving. Young lads would carve intricate spoons from wood, each symbolizing a different aspect of love, and present them to their crushes on Valentine’s Day. Naija guys should try giving their babes a spoon these days and see what happens!





Crazy Cupid Ceremonies:

Who needs a quiet church wedding when you can tie the knot amidst a sea of strangers? In recent years, Valentine’s Day has seen some wild mass weddings, from theme parks to sports stadiums. Imagine saying “I do” with hundreds of other couples cheering you on – now that’s what I call a grand gesture of love!


Japanese Love Twist:

japanese valentine

Last but not least, let’s jet off to Japan, where Valentine’s Day has its unique spin. Here, it’s the ladies who take charge, showering their men with chocolates on February 14th. But my guy chill first, there’s a twist! A month later, on White Day, it’s the guys’ turn to return the favor. Talk about a sweet (and strategic) game of give and take!



So there you have it folks. Five weird ways to celebrate your valentines. Which of these ways would you like to celebrate Valentine?


Let us know in the comment section below.

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Happy Valentines!




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