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5 Unique Benefits of Being a Woman at Sterling

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Emmanuela Tijani


We all know about or at least have heard about a particular company where you could swear that their policies and processes were not created with women in mind. The kind that turns a blind eye on the real need of women and just want “results” at the expense of wellbeing.

Think late nights at work (pretending to work for most of the time), unrealistic deadlines, selfish bosses and an all-round poor workplace culture that works against women at all levels.

With the work-life blur since the pandemic and the need for women to juggle work and family (married or not), more women have left or are considering leaving their current employers.

However, the situation is not entirely bleak. There are still several companies that intentionally design safe spaces for women to do productive work and thrive and grow while at it.

Bloom 2B

Read on to see five solid reasons why we are convinced that Sterling Bank is one of them and learn about some opportunities you might not be taking advantage of:

  1. Flexible Working Arrangements

Let’s not even lie – there is a world of difference between working from home and having to endure hours of commute time to come into the office every day. Don’t come for us, branch staff🥺. The ability to work from anywhere and at preferred working hours is a blessing to women, many of whom have taken on additional responsibilities since the pandemic.



  • Career/Leadership Development Opportunities

Several career initiatives at Sterling like The Exceptional Achievers Scheme, Sterling Women Development Program and the Sterling Mentoring Scheme have been specially created with women in mind. Beyond the need to meet the gender diversity requirements, the bank is committed to seeing more women rise to the top. You should be taking advantage of these opportunities. Not sure where to even start or what options are available to you? Click here to book a session with a career advisory professional. Don’t mention😊.

  • Family-friendly Policies

Beyond the 90-days maternity leave for women with new babies – biological or adopted – which is almost a given anywhere, the Bank’s policies and practices support women through their pregnancy or adoption process. There is an online Maternity Hub for pregnant women which offers personalized natal support. That, and a level ground for women who resume from maternity breaks, is a gamechanger for women. It would have been a shame to have to postpone one’s desire to have a family to get ahead at work. But here in Sterling, you can have it all, including an “awww-worthy” customized kit for your little one.

  • Support for Mental Health

There comes a time in a woman’s life when she wants to really rant or vent or cry or do all of the above and the people closest to her just can’t seem to get it. At such times, we got you Sis! You can talk to a professional through the Employee Assistance Program and not have to disclose your identity. Here is the number, just in case you might be needing it someday – 07048394702. For work related issues that you would like to report anonymously, there is a whistle-blowing platform that allows you to share your concerns with an objective third-party.

Bloom 2D

  • Community & Network

It’s not like we saved the best for last (well, maybe) but one great thing that Sterling offers is a community for women who want to see each other grow. The Bloom Network was launched few years ago with the sole purpose of achieving a balanced representation in all cadres at the workplace whilst creating a support system to foster career growth, work-life balance, and emotional well-being. There is a lot being planned for members of the tribe including speed networking, group coaching and transformational learning sessions on career and life. Stay tuned!

We hear that there are many more initiatives in store for women. Tell us (in the comments section) what else you would like to see or which of the existing initiatives has benefited you the most.

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