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5 Kitchen Tips From A Lazy Nigerian Cook

Mark Busaosowo
Published: April 14, 2022

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Whoever said no food for a lazy man is secretly a hater and knows nothing like Jon Snow. Sometimes eh, the thought of planning meals, preparing ingredients, and cleaning up is enough to put most people off the idea of cooking their own meals. It’s much easier to order takeout but you don’t have to miss out on the satisfaction of preparing your own healthy, home-cooked meal that’s filled with love!

Granted, cooking is aseju but here are five ways to keep things simple in the kitchen:

  1. Craving Akara or puff puff? Stick to store-bought brands

I don’t know why the best Nigerian breakfast meals are always a struggle to make. Especially when dealing with Akara and pap, moi moi, puff puff, koko and koose, or even boiled yam ( peeling yam is such a turn-off).

Luckily as a lazy cook, you can still enjoy the rich taste of some of your favorite Nigerian breakfasts even with the pre-made store-bought brands. Don’t sleep on them oh, some of them are really good!

  1. Stock up on frozen ingredients

Na only mumu still dey chop and slice vegetables these days. Especially when you have the option of buying frozen fruits and vegetables from the supermarket. There is also the option of buying already roasted meats. Hopefully, there is light so our fridge will work.

  1. Whatever a grinding stone can do, a food processor can do better

I can understand why our parent’s generation put so much emphasis on food. I mean when you are using your blood sweat and tears to grind pepper, pound yam, and ro amala (Please help me translate cos my English has failed me), of course e go dey ginger you.



These days, there are so many kitchen appliances to make your experiences much easier. Invest in them biko.

  1. Wash your fruits and vegetables before storing them

Sometimes the biggest time wasters when it comes to kitchen waka is washing and prepping the vegetables before using them. So as a chief lazy person, I like to wash them ahead of storing them to make things as easy and breezy as possible

  1. Organize your kitchen

There’s something about a neatly arranged kitchen that gingers you when cooking. It helps knowing where everything is and the next steps you are taking in preparing that meal so make sure that your spice cabinet, knives and choppers and then ingredients are always organized.

Have more tips on how to enjoy cooking even while lazy? Drop them in the comment section!

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