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30 Days at Sterling

Maurice Igugu
Published: April 29, 2021

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 “At Sterling, we have adopted recycling processes and our employees have bought into the cause to protect the environment”

Abubakar Suleiman

MD, Sterling Bank.

2021 is in full swing for us here at Sterling, and that means constantly creating sustainable solutions for you while simultaneously working on keeping Mother Earth safe 😉 and as proof to support that, let’s fill you in on some of the things we’ve been up to this last 30 days.


1. ONEPAY FOR BUSINESS – The wait is over.

Business owners, this one is for you.

So we thought to ourselves, how can we make life easier for business owners and their customers?

We put on our thinking caps and one issue came to mind. How to make and receive payments seamlessly and conveniently without compromising hygiene in a post-COVID world?

This innovation was designed with you in mind (Yes, you with the small scale, large scale or even thinking of starting a business scale) and the mission is to offer a cardless, contactless and cashless payment solution that allows you receive your funds almost instantly. You’d almost believe you were paid in cash.

Trust us, you definitely want to be one of the first people to hop on this one. Click here to find out more about Onepay for business.

OnePay for Business - Sterling Bank



Nobody really likes it when things go wrong but they do once in a while and complaints help us understand the problem so we can fix it. Most importantly, we need you to know that we are always here for you and now we’ve made it even easier by creating an online complaint form you can use anytime and we’ll get right on it.

To view or fill an online complaint form, please click here.



When we say OneBank is the best thing since sliced bread, we are not joking!

Check this out, with the new OneBank feature, guess who doesn’t need to visit the branch to submit their Cheque for clearing 💃

That’s right, you can now submit your cheque for clearing anytime, anywhere and get value in your account all you need is your cheque and the OneBank App.



Don’t have the OneBank App yet, what are you still waiting for?

Click here to download now!

Some Other Things That You Need To Know.

Power issues could be a thing of the past. We are in partnership to take rooftop solar power to millions of homes, and we have digitized the process via a platform called ImperiumFind out more about Imperium and the flexible payment solutions we put in place with paywithspecta.

Education is important! Registration for 2021 UTME and direct entry is now open, visit any of our branches closest to you to get your e-PIN

SWAYAgFin held a Webinar titled Elevating Women & Youth Participation in Agribusiness. The session also highlighted the requirements to improve the chance of securing financing for SME agribusinesses through the Sterling Women and Youth Agric Finance program – a fund established in partnership with Mastercard Foundation.


SWAY AgFin Loan Application (Easily get up to 20 million naira loan for your Business) in Partnership with Mastercard Foundation hands you the opportunity to give back easily in ways you won’t even miss. For instance, with N1000, you can help plant two trees, keep communities alive and prevent desertification. It may not sound like much, but oxygen is pretty important, (you know, that little thing trees produce that literally keeps us all alive…). To get a chance to make really meaningful changes and impact real lives, click here to learn more about

BEACH CLEAN-UP. What were you up to at the weekend? Us? Not much, just making the ecosystem a better place to live 😉. Our dedicated team have been taking action these past few weeks to preserve the environment by initiating clean ups in different cities across Nigeria. Well done guys! And thank you for making the world a better place to live. You can also contribute to the wellness of the ecosystem in your own little way by taking action and volunteering on activities that promote the environment such as this one (i.e pick a litter once in a while 😉)

Adegunwa affirmed Rite Foods commitment to a cleaner, healthier environment to make the society habitable | Ameh News



HEART is our core value, and we mean it when we say we will continue to find and implement innovative ways to improve and develop all aspects of Nigeria in the global economy.

We look forward to your comments and questions in the comment section and until next month, we say stay safe and stay Sterling.



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