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Join the Celebration of Unity and Music

OneBank X Zikoko presents ‘Strings Attached’ – a vibrant journey of oneness and melody.

Dive into an evening where music and hearts beat as one. Discover the threads that bind us in harmony and joy.

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About 'Strings Attached'

At the heart of ‘Strings Attached’ lies a profound exploration of the concept of oneness. Join us as we weave a tapestry of unity and strength through the universal language of music. Experience the magic of genuine connections, with live performances from some of the most soulful artists on the scene.

Artists Featured

Johnny Drille Dwin the Stoic Fave Qing Madi
Johnny Drille Dwin the Stoic Fave Qing Madi

Event Details:

Why You Shouldn't Miss 'Strings Attached'

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