Treasure Hunt

The Sterling Treasure Hunt!

Unearth history, and cart away rewards from our giveaway hunt!

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Where It All Begins

Imagine a 14-day saga where you can journey through the annals of our brand’s history. It’s a path paved with engaging puzzles, hidden amidst our social media posts, waiting for your keen eyes and sharp minds. This quest is perfect for those who love to piece together puzzles and delve into the stories behind the brands they adore.

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The Challenge

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, involves uncovering clues hidden within our most memorable social media moments. Each puzzle solved not only brings you one step closer to wondrous rewards but also weaves you deeper into the fabric of our brand’s journey.

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The Time Frame

14 exhilarating days await, starting… now! Embark on this quest from anywhere, at any time, and uncover the mysteries at your own pace.

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The Journey

From the simplest of riddles to the most intricate of puzzles, this hunt has something for every level of detective. Each clue is a chapter in our story, from milestone moments to the delightful quirks of our online persona.

Your Path To Victory

  • Begin your adventure by signing up for the quest.
  • Stay alert for daily clues, and decipher them by delving into our history.
  • Post your answers on the original post's comment section using the designated hashtags.
  • The first person to solve the puzzle on Instagram earns a point.
  • Keep an eye on the winner board to track your progress.

Enlist for the Journey

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Just a scroll and a click away lies the beginning of your adventure. Fill in the ledger below, and let the hunt begin!

Rules of the Quest

Embark on this adventure with honour and courage, for those 18 and beyond are called to face the challenges spread across the social dominion. Points await those of creativity, engagement, and wit, leading to treasures untold for the mightiest of hunters.

Venture into the Sacred Scrolls (T&Cs) for a fair and joyous quest.

The Rewards

14 successful treasure hunters would be rewarded with gift cards. You can be one of them, only if you accept the challenge! What do you want to do with what you find? It’s all up to you. We have some suggestions for you☺

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Dine in a hidden tavern

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Procure goods from a mystical bazaar

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Embark on a journey to enchanted realms

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Receive an elixir of tranquility at a healing sanctuary

Queries Answered (FAQ)

How do I present my findings?

Type your findings using the hashtag associated with the clue plus the general hashtag #SterlingHunt. Your comment should be on the post that holds the true treasure.

Never! The quest welcomes all, anytime during the 14-day challenge.

Fear not, for hints shall light your path. Keep a watchful eye on our channels.

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